Become a Dealer

Becoming a Dealer

Stone Racing, LLC is the Registered Trademark owner of ProRacing® Exhaust systems, an award-winning Performance exhaust for Streetbikes and Sportbikes, including Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and more.  ProRacing® Exhaust is a US company and brand, located in a suburb of Reno Nevada.  Our motorcycle products encompass a wide selection of silencer styles to match your exact requirements: from our entry level factory OEM silencers to the Grade 1 Aerospace Titanium.

We use only the very best 304 grade stainless steel and 3K weave carbon fiber.  All our systems are made from 304 grade polished or brushed stainless steel, 3K carbon Fiber, or Grade 1 Aerospace Titanium, (or a combination, depending on the style) and come with a lifetime unlimited mileage warranty.  All our systems are handmade and hand welded for beauty and performance.

You only have to hold a ProRacing® exhaust to appreciate the premium design and construction qualities, which translate into tangible gains in both performance and reliability. Hand crafted and regarded more and more as the best bike exhaust on the market today, ProRacing® has become one of the most popular upgrades a rider can make.

The real difference is the way a ProRacing® feels. No other exhaust is created with our passion, expertise and engineering. Everything that we have put into developing the world’s best exhaust is designed to be shared, felt, and experienced by both you the Dealer, and your customer.

It was our engineering, workmanship and testing that built the full titanium system (Grade 1 Aerospace Titanium) that won the world championship at the World SBK in Portugal this past September. Our system gave 2 more horsepower than any of its performance competitors. This bike with our exhaust, achieved the Highest Top Speed and won the World Championship.

In Germany this past year, our Yamaha R1 Decat Link Pipe added an additional 3 horsepower over a well-known performance exhaust competitor.

Why Become a Dealer of ProRacing® Exhausts?

The simple answer is quality and profitability. When you have a product that speaks quality all by itself, it almost sells itself. All your customer has to do is look at the precise hand welding and the quality of workmanship to know this is a premium product.  The first thing he will ask is “But what about the price?”

We have priced ProRacing® products to be among some of the most completely priced products on the market. We have done this intentionally for two reasons:  ProRacing® will be a new name for your customers, so we want him to be enticed to try the product.  The second reason is profitability to you the Dealer.  We want you to make money, plain and simple. We want to give you a product, that you will be proud to offer to your customers, with a lifetime warranty to back you up all the way.

We hope you will join our global dealer network and be part of the ProRacing® Team.

Dealer Registration,  or call us at 775-237-9707